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The purpose of this policy page is to state the self-imposed limitations observed by the primary content provider, Laszlo. These policies apply to the entire bobhaircuts.com domain except where specifically overridden by another clearly posted policy document. This document is written and published by Laszlo.
Content Limitations:
The content on those pages which is produced and/or published by Laszlo is limited by Laszlo's positive moral views - views which are far too complex to attempt to describe in this document. Basically, if the presence of said content would be there "for the general purpose of being harmful" then it will not be published.
Legal content issues:
There is much copyrighted material here. It is not Laszlo's intention to claim credit for any of this copyrighted or unknown-origin material. It is Laszlo's intention to present this abbreviated material in a unique format without focus on any particular source, and also to give credit to the copyright owner, artist, and/or subject when possible. Laszlo makes no money whatsoever as a result of the use of any copyrighted material here. Indeed Laszlo gets nothing but personal satisfaction from the act of sharing his love of the Bob Haircut with the rest of the world.
Privacy Policy:
Given the presance and public accessibility of the information about the bobhaircuts.com domain and it's owner in the Internic database, Laszlo has thrown away all hope of privacy.

However...the users of and visitors to the Bob Haircut Worship Page are assured total privacy except where explicitely and clearly marked otherwise. Mailing lists, noteably the "Bob Haircut Worship Mailing List", are kept absolutely and totally secret. Mailing lists or individual addresses are never purchased, never sold, never shared, divulged, publicized, etc. Unless the purpose is clearly for user-to-user public communication, anything anyone does here is kept private or anonymous.

We have no control over our ISP or any other Internet entity. What they do with the data that passes through their hands is beyond our control.

There are times when a user's email address may be pubilcly viewable, such as in the Bob Haircut Discussion Forum. Users who do not have a user account can simply choose not to give thier email address. Users who do have a user account can specify in their account information whether their email address is to be hidden or visible.

In short, barring legal reasons beyond our control, or breaches of our own security, everyone's privacy is paramount here. All confidences are respected by the web site operators.